The Tornado Project Online!
Welcome to the Tornado Project Online! We are a small company that gathers, compiles, and makes tornado information available to tornado and severe weather enthusiasts, the meteorological community and emergency management officials in the form of tornado books, posters, and videos. There are many sites with tornado data, so we are giving the subject a little different twist, with tornado myths, tornado oddities, personal tornado experiences, tornado chasing, tornado safety, and tornadoes in the past as well as more recent tornadoes. We will always adding new pages and have some unique ideas planned, so come back often and check us out. You'll be glad you blew in!

Alabama Disaster Web
Press releases, pictures, and other information regarding recent disasters in Alabama.

3 - Comparing Large Numbers

4 - How Many Is a Million?

Photo gallery of hog farms and lagoon spills

Flowers by the Million

You buy a dozen roses - he buys 3 million! Plus 1,250 sunflowers, 4,000 irises, and 5,000 calla lilies. In fact, he buys more than 100 million flowers a year. Introduce your students to someone who works with really big numbers.
Futures Channel Video and Lesson - Running time 5:05 minutes.

5 - Every Litter Bits Hurts

Keep America Beautiful Crying Indian videos