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Connected Mathematics Series

6th grade
  • Covering and Surrounding
7th grade
  • Data Around Us
  • Variables and Patterns
  • Stretching and Shrinking
  • Comparing and Scaling
  • Accentuate the Negative
  • Moving Straight Ahead
  • What Do You Expect?
8th grade
  • Clever Counting

Glencoe Mathematics Applications and Concepts, Course 2

Teaching Mathematics with Manipulatives
(I have noted resources I like for chapter 2)

Other Resource Books

___. The Daily Spark Critical Thinking. Spark Publishing, New York, 2004. ISBN: 1-4114-0220-0

Akers, Joan et al. Name That Portion. Dale Seymour Publications, White Plains, NY, 1998. ISBN 1-57232-798-7

Aten, Jerry. Math for the Real World, Instructional Fair, Grand Rapids, MI, 1997. ISBN: 1-56822-432-X

Burns, Marilyn and Cathy Humphreys. A Collection of Math Lessons From Grades 6 through 8. Math Solutions Publications, Sausalito, CA, 2001. ISBN 0-941355-03-9

  1. A Logical Reasoning Activity
  2. Introducing Algebra
  3. Patterns and Functions
  4. Probability Investigations
  5. Activities with Ratio, Proportion, and Fractions
  6. Measuring Angles
  7. Finding the Area of a Circle
  8. Lessons on Percents

Johnson, Drew and Cynthia Johnson. Teamwork Test Prep. Carson-Dellosa Publishing, Greensboro, NC, 2004. ISBN: 0-88724-273-1

Parke, Carol, et al. Using Assessment to Improve Middle-Grades Mathematics Teaching and Learning. NCTM, Reston, VA, 2003. ISBN: 0-87353-522-7

Stulgis-Blalock, Joyce A. Math Projects For Students in Grades 5 through 8, Mark Twain Media, 2003. ISBN: 1-58037-243-0

Books I want to purchase

Technology-Supported Mathematics Learning Environment: Sixty-Seventh Yearbook and CD
William J. Masalski and Portia C. Elliot, eds. 2005. $63.95. NCTM

Teaching Fractions and Ratios for Understanding
Good ratios and proportions information
ISBN: 0-8058-2940-7