Table of Contents

ACOS Objective 7

Determine the transformation(s), including translations, reflections, or rotations, used to alter the position of a polygon on the coordinate plane.
  • Determining the type of symmetry (rotational or line) found in a reflection or rotation
  • Graphing transformations of quadrilaterals on the Cartesian plane by plotting the vertices
  • Graphing figures which are similar to other figures using dilations

ARMT Possible Points = 4 (MC)
  • The four options may be four graphs.
  • The stem of the item may include a graph.
  • To change the position of a polygon on the coordinate plane may require two transformations.
  • The identification of a transformation may be required.

Sample problems from Item Specs

Sara Parsley, a teacher at Oak Park Middle School in Decatur, teaches translations using the Electric Slide.

Kaleidoscope Lesson Plan


Below are some websites I found regarding tessellations. Please feel free to add to the list!
Bathroom Tiles - great game to practice transformations

Tessellation Animations

The Tessellation Tool

Regular Tessellations (student lesson) – Karen’s Tessellation page

DIY Basic Facts

Escher Art Collection

Totally Tesselated

Movin' and Changin'
Texas Instruments calculator activity on transformations.

Reflections of Points and Figures
Texas Instruments graphing calculator activity

Reflections and Rotations
Students reflect figures over the x- and y-axes and rotate figures 90°, 180°, and 270° counterclockwise about the origin, writing rules for each reflection and rotation.