Welcome to the Alatoba Proportion Project

The Alatoba Proportion project is a collaberation between 4 classes of math students from Sargent Park School and 4 classes of math students from Alabama.

I think it might be interesting to compare our countries using ratios and unit rates. For example, it costs $5.75 to see a movie in Decatur. How much does it cost in Winnipeg? Convert Canadian money to US and US to Canadian. This could be done over a period of several weeks with a different item being compared every day or so. A gallon of milk costs.....What sizes is milk sold in in Canada, and how much does it cost?

This might be done in groups. You could have a food group, entertainment group, travel group etc. They could create lists of things that they use in their lives and compare with what the other students are chosing.

Project 1 Money Conversion
Break each room into groups. Each group will be in charge of a different 'genre" of daily activies. Some groups could be

  1. Food
  2. Entertainment
  3. Electronics
  4. Computer equipment
# Transportation
  1. Clothes
  2. Music (consider band equipment and music for pleasure)
# Cell phones
I need to talk to my students before I finalize this list. These should be topics of interest to them.

Each group is responsible for the following
  • Takng a picture and uploading it to flickr. If this is not a possibility the picture can be uploaded into the wiki.
* Adding hotspots to the picture to illustrate the following.......
  • Each member of the group will create two pictures one would be completely done and the other would be done by a member form the other country. i.e. The food group would post a picture of Tropicana Orange Juice and do all the necessary work. Then choose another food item for the other group to do. If they post all of the information at the wiki they could figure out if cross border shopping makes a difference. ( I have found that$20 at old navy is 20 anywhere)

Timeline Introduce topic and Wiki By Friday January 12. Assign groups and get photo's taken by Tuesday. Upload and complete work by Friday January 19.

Tools Wikispaces, flickr,........Here is a flickr alternative smugmug

Project 2 Scale
Timeline Completed by Jan 26


Project 3 House Proportions
Timeline I Week to work on Project 3 Days to upload to the wiki.Feb 5 completion date?